smitten at Smitty's

I have been preoccupied of everything about snow.  I have done so many winter activities and still I can’t get enough.  

 My favorite sistah, my travel buddy, driver and tour guide thought of bringing me to a place I surely liked. 

She drove me to Smitty's at Windham, ME.  It is a cinema house/restaurant.  

After buying tickets and upon entering the cinema, I was surprised to see a set up of tables with swivel chairs. It’s not the usual theaters I’ve been.  They have a full menu with a variety of choice to indulge in. Think about burgers , fries , steak tips and milkshakes.  

The food and drinks are all named after movies. Alcoholic beverages were also being served. 

I must say that it is hard to beat a movie and meal at Smitty's . Really well worth it.

I  had a blast and I  loved everything about this experience!

What did we watch?

Yeah, you’re right . . . it was the famous . . . “FROZEN”.