snow tubing

Winter activities at the Harris farm was simply amazing. I thought it was the end of my winter activities but I was surprised when my favorite sistah told me that there’s still another snow park where she will bring me. 

It was called Seacoast Adventure Park .
I waited for that date and as always, I was so excited. Still, I was dressed warmly in layers. Down jackets, scarves, hats and gloves are a must even on a warm day.

Seacoast Adventure Park is located in the Sebago Lakes, Windham, Maine. They offer snow tubing. I instantly liked the place as soon as we arrive at the park.

There were many visitors when we went there. After obtaining tickets, we got our tubes and went straight to the waiting line at their express lift. 

We got to the top in less than 3 minutes. When we reached the top of the tubing hill, we placed our tube's tow strap inside the tube, and we held onto the handles as we pushed off. We waited in line and allowed the ones in front to reach the bottom of the hill before we started heading out. 

I remembered my favorite sistah was kind of scared during our first run down the tubing hill. However, I was an adrenaline junkie so I enjoyed every minute of it. 

The ride down the tubing hill was quite a chilly thrill. It took our breath away, but after that initial exhilaration, the experience was absolute fun. 

I consider Snow tubing as a breathtaking winter activity that is a great option for non-skiers. It couldn't be any easier. Definitely, no special skills or equipment needed. All you need to do is just show up and have fun. 

My favorite sistah and I had the time of our lives. All those times when we zigzag down the smooth slopes spelled fun.

We both agreed . . . Snow tubing is awesome! 




  1. This was scary but will try it again this weekend maybe.


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