sledding, snowshoeing & snow angel

Winter is an excellent time to go outdoors. Imagine the crisp, fresh air  plus the terrific all white scenery, hills and ground all covered with snow. 


However, it is important to understand that prolonged exposure to cold can do harm. Think about hypothermia and frostbite. 

Nevertheless, my sister knew better. She had lived in winter wonderland for more than 7 years now so she knew exactly the precautions. She equipped me with everything I needed. 

I have already mentioned Harris Farm Stand & Cross Country Ski Center on my blog about skiing. Let me disclose more info about it. 

Harris Farm is a family owned property. It is a dairy farm however during winter time, it serves as a cross-country ski center. They have equipment rentals, for skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. This is the perfect place to try all those activities. What made this spot so great was their helpful and friendly staff. 

I was with my favorite sistah and her bestfriend Medy when we visited this place.

First thing we did was skiing. After we're done with skiing, we gulped down hot chocolate drink right beside the fire place. 

Next thing we did was sledding. It was only Medy and I who did it. My favorite sistah didn't like the idea of sliding downhill.  

The literal meaning of sledding is to travel down a snowy hill using a sled. We rented formed plastic sleds. I positioned myself on the sled put my legs through and went downhill. it was an exhilarating experience. Did it several times until I got tired.

Eventually, we did was snowshoeing.It is an activity so great because anyone can do it. If you know how to walk, you can snowshoe. It is definitely a cool outdoor diversion.  My favorite sistah has her own personal snowshoe she bought at LL Bean.

Snowshoeing is suitable for young, old and everyone in between. It keeps you fit, and is inexpensive. You can snowshoe almost anywhere there is snow-cover. 

Last thing I did was snow angel. My favorite sistah and Medy enjoyed watching me do it. They took some photos and video of me.


I can never forget all these winter activities I did in just one day. 4 items had just been tick off from my bucket list. Been there, done that.



  1. Love this. I need to get my own ski so I can do it outback.


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