the bucket list

Google dictionary defines bucket list as a number of experiences or achievements that a  person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.  

There’s this Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson movie I watched which was called “The Bucket List”. It was a tear jerker kind of movie which has an underlying motivational life-lesson as the theme. Both lead stars were diagnosed with cancer and knowing they only have little time to live, decided to get out there to really experience their lives before they die. They started by writing things they always wanted to do but never had the time.

 I have my own bucket list and has been checking a lot things out on the list. It felt real good whenever I get to do the things I longed for and can finally say " been there,  done that". However, after being exposed to new things and adventure, my list becomes longer and I end up wanting for more. The insatiability in me strikes. Nevertheless, it makes my life more exciting and more meaningful. So the list goes on . . .

Here's how to make a bucket list:

  • Places you want to visit
  • Action Adventure  you wanna do
  • Food you want to eat
*Buy a pen and a notepad and use them. It helps you remember everything you want to accomplish. 
  *Make a plan. Treat it as a To Do List. Search for ideas everywhere. Browse on different reading materials. Watch TV and movies. Talk and listen to friends who have been around. 

 * Be creative and let go of your fears. Write everything you can think of even the impossible ones. Learn to find the balance between things you already know but needs to develop and those you know you can't do or find hard to do. 

*Do not concentrate on completing a bucket list for it will never be fully completed. You will be constantly adding to it when new ideas strike you. When the time comes that you’ve got a long list, review and remove those you find no longer interesting.

Year 2014 has been great for it was the year I was able to check numerous items off from my "Bucket  List"



  • do skiing
  • ride a snowmobile
  • experience snow tubing
  • walk using a snowshoe
  • do sledding
  • make a snow angel  
  • and more . . .

  • In and Out Burger 
  • IHOP 
  • Mel's Diner 
  • Denny's 
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • White Castle in Chicago(Harold & Kumar movie) 
  • Giordano in Chicago
  • Maine Diner
  • Flo's Hotdog
  • and more . . . 
Life becomes so boring when we tend to just do our day to day lives. Let’s me ask you . . . When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you did something that you really wanted and I’ve waited all your whole life to do it’? Add color to your life. It’s a big world out there. Let’s explore and experience it. 

 ***Remember that a bucket list is about your own 
personal development. 
 Strive for fulfillment and inner growth. 
Don’t be a slave to your Bucket List, 
instead find meaning in your goals. 
Be its master or mistress.