“The cold never bothered me anyway…”

The hype is actually incredible when a super storm is about to hit. There would definitely a whole heap of snow coming. It is always advisable to stay inside the house and rest.  I experienced it myself during my stay in Maine. 

It was only about 3 pm, after watching movie at Smitty's, while my sistah was driving, news flashed about a snowstorm coming was on air waves.  We headed home right away. 

My sistah's driving skills was revealed to me that time. (it will be featured on the next blog) We reached home safely. 

 We were snowed in and I just thought of cuddling up and do movie marathon or just sleep. My favorite sistah on the other hand had better ideas. 
She went to the kitchen and decided to bake something. 

The snow came pouring in.

I grabbed a beer and enjoyed watching the blizzard. At first, I’ve  been in awe of how nice-looking the snow was from the inside but, eventually, I thought of doing something else. 

I  also went to  the kitchen and found my sister there.

I wasn’t thinking of helping her in baking. I opened a pack of cone ice cream which we bought at a grocery store.  Everything happened so fast and my sistah was shocked to see me outside , naked, topless , embracing the snowy cold weather and eating ice cream. 

She immediately grabbed the camera and took photos of me. 

She called me stupid of course. However,  also told me that  a mouth watering veggie smoothie drink and warm, sweet and tasty apple pie was waiting for me so I better get inside and get dressed.

veggie smoothie

yummy home made apple pie

How sweet it is to have a sistah like her.

I love you so much 
my favorite sistah…!


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