A quick run @ the Back Cove in Portland

I have been running regularly. There are times when my work schedule is hectic, but I manage to steal an hour away from it. 
I love to keep my feet moving. 

The fun of putting my foot in front of the other takes the stress away from me. I share the same passion with my sister.  

A day before I got back to L.A. in California, my sistah brought me to Back Cove

It is considered as one of  the oldest and most popular trails in Portland. It has a striking loop around Portland ‘s Back Cove. Furthermore, the crowd can have a good view of the Portland skyline.

It is the best place for walking, running and biking. There are benches around where one can sit and take a rest after hours of running. 

My sistah and I enjoyed walking and running. We  ran, walk and ran again. It really was a relaxing scenic place. I like that it’s close to the city but quiet.