FLO's : A classically great Maine Hot Dog experience

I had the pleasure of eating Flo’s hotdogs when my sistah, her hubby Mike and I were on a weekend trip going to Nubble Lighthouse

Flo's Hot Dogs is located on Route 1 at Cape Neddick, ME. It was not actually a restaurant. The place was a standing room only kind of thing with a very low ceiling. It was no more than 6 feet high. I didn't reach that height so it wasn't a problem for me. Most customers present there were tall enough and was careful while inside so their heads won't touch  the ceiling. 

Anyway,  I got inside the “cabin” and waited in line. When I finally got my turn, I was asked  how many hotdogs I wanted. I ordered 2 . Next thing she asked was what toppings I wanted on it. I just said whatever most of the first timers usually order. 

 I just placed my order, made a payment, got the hotdogs after 5 minutes, took them out and ate them outside. I would say that the hot dog sandwich was heavenly. 

The  good thing about it was the buns. The buns are steamed which means fluffy, warm and moist.  Moreover, I totally love the sauce they call “the works”. 

The relish was slightly hot and sweet and mixed with either mayonnaise or mustard plus celery salt sprinkled over the top.. 

I wished I ordered 5 not just 2. Flo’s hotdogs are simply the best.

Flo's is one of those tourist things 
you must do. 
 A classically great Maine Hot Dog experience. 


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