Jack & Renee’s Restaurant aka Arundel Diner

My big brotha-in-law "Mike" and I went here early morning on our way to New Hampshire. 

photo credit goes to Don W. (YELP)
This restaurant was famous for lobsters and steamers. 

photo credit goes to Don W. (YELP)
If you order for lobster, you must go outside to the tank where someone will help you select your preferred shell type and size. 

photo credit goes to Don W. (YELP)
Nevertheless, we didn’t stop here for lobstah. We stopped for old american breakfast: toasts and pancakes.

I heard the place goes busy during breakfast and lunchtime. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case when we were there, only about 4 tables were occupied and few people were eating at the time .

On the contrary, I wondered why the sign in front said "Arundel Diner" . When I ordered for my coffee, what’s written on the mug was "Jack and Renee's".  

 The pancakes were cook just right. 

The toasts and scrambled egg tasted fine.

 The service however was great.

The staff were very accommodating and so friendly.

It was a great, laid-back restaurant with good customer service.


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