Johnson Hall Museum

I was in awe the first time I saw Johnson Hall Museum. However, it was always closed every time my sistah and I passed by on this place. 

We’ve been driving around the area. Most of my itinerary required going to Wells and Kennebunk. 

For all times, I always asked my sistah to slow down so I can have a good gaze at it. 

I wondered when will I be able to get a closer look of the museum. 

It was a day before my flight back to California when my sistah drove back to that area. 

It was around 9 in the morning. We were lucky to finally saw the gate wide open. 

We had the chance to look around and explore. It was a museum and an antique shop rolled into one. Unfortunately, we were not able to get inside the museum. It was still closed.  

We just learned that the owner Bill Johnson recently passed away. A lady who just came and parked, saw us and said the owner, Mr. Johnson suffered  a heart attack while attending an auction. That explained why it was closed each time we drove around 

Nevertheless, I still  enjoyed and admired every single thing I laid my eyes on at this museum. Johnson Hall Museum is a must see.


  1. It's now totally closed. All the antique displays are gone.


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