lisa's pizza

The walk along the Old Orchard beach was quite amazing and tiring at the same time.It got me so starved so we looked for a place to eat. My favorite sistah suggested we go to Lisa's Pizza restaurant.

Lisa's Pizza isn't really a restaurant - it's a walk-up take-out next to the busiest intersection in Old Orchard Beach. Right next to The Pier.

It was just a little eat out kiosk,  with no seating except by the street.

I was surprised to see that it was the only pizza place which was open for the winter.

We ordered for "Lisa's Special Pizza". On it were pepperoni,green peppers, mushrooms and onions. 

We also had onion rings and beach fries.  They were cooked just right. Totally yummy. 

My sistah also ordered for dough with butter and cinnamon but it wasn't available that time.

I will definitely go back to try other food 
on the menu.