Long Sands Beach

I love the beach. I always look forward to summer so I can enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand.

I once read in a magazine about the York Beach area of Maine. It cited about Long Sands Beach within the shadows of Nubble Lighthouse. 

It actually was one of the locals’ favorite spots to get away for long weekends. 

At summertime, people can run, walk, swim and surf from dawn to dusk.However, I went to that place during wintertime.

The water was definitely freakin’ cold. The only thing I can do that time was enjoy the scenery.

Long sands is a stunning and tranquil  beach. 

I walked along the beach while watching the waves crash on the rocks. I had a great time taking snapshots.

 The beach was so clean.  The crisp winter air made my walk across the sand exhilarating.

I wanna go back next summer.