Love the Lobstah . . !

My brotha-in-law is a true blooded Mainer . . . I mean, Mainah..!

He knows how much I love seafood and he is aware that I was looking forward to eating lobster.

When we hanged out at Kennebunkport, we stopped by at a Lobstah store and my brotha-in-law bought some for dinner.

They were fresh live lobstah. When we reached home, he immediately boiled and cooked them. 

I waited at the dining table, ready with the melted better, my own bib and of course, a bucket for shells.

I forgot what my name was after I finished eating.

I love you so much my dear kuya Mike.

How to eat a Lobstah like a Mainah!
  1. Twist off the claws.
  2. Crack each claw with a lobster cracker.
  3. Separate the tail from the body.
  4. Bend the flippers back and break them from the tail piece.
  5. Insert a lobster fork and push out the meat.
  6. Separate the back from the body.
  7. Open the body by cracking apart sideways.
  8. The small claws are exellent eating.                                                   -google web