Maine Diner Experience

My sistah once told me that tourists in Maine should never leave town without visiting the Maine Diner .

She said there was an episode with Guy Fieri on the Food Network and the resto was highly recommended as a must try. 

Dining at Maine’s Diner is like riding a time machine. It was like stepping back in time. It will give you a relaxed 1960's atmosphere. 

They even have a good old fashion menu. 

Since it was wintertime when I went there, Maine Diner had ample treats to warm up the customers. 

They were deliciously prepared homemade dish.
It was a stop  I looked forward to  and I was never disappointed.”

Maine’s Diner is an  AWESOME DINER , It may be a diner food, but it's all good stuff and it has something for everyone. 

The lobster roll was incredible! It was actually rocking & rolling..!

“A classic diner worth the visit” 
Great food and good customer service.