Mount Washington Cog Railway

The Mount Washington Cog Railway is the world's first mountain climbing cog railway.

It is the second steepest rack railway in the world after Pilatus railway.

It was " off season" when my brotha-in-law "MIke" and I went to Mt.Washington,

The Cog Train was not in operation. We didn't have a choice but to drive ourselves up to the top of Mt. Washington.

I was thrilled after discovering that the road was steep, narrow and winding.

We were lucky because there were only a few visitors coming up that day. 

We didn't have to meet many cars on the climb up. Nevertheless, it was a bit scary driving up the road because it was on the edge with no guardrails. 

Admittedly, the drive up this mountain was not for the faint of heart. But that makes the view all the more spectacular. Whew!

When we finally got to the top, I absolutely loved the place. The views at the top were breathtaking. 

Indeed, a trip to Mount Washington around New England is a "must". 

I suggest you write it down on your bucket list.


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