Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach was first established in 1653 , its first settler was Thomas Rogers , who called this beautiful spot " Garden by the Sea". 

The sailors called the place "Old Orchard " after an apple orchard that was sitting on land high above the sea and easy to see.

In 1842 the first steam railroad from Boston-Portland brought tourists to this lovely beach.In 1892 events included electric trolley cars, a Beach Kite Horse Racing Track, and the first Merry-Go-Round in Amerika.   -wikipedia

My favorite sistah knows how much I love the beach. After seeing the Long Sands beach, she also made sure that I get to see Old Orchard Beach

It was at a coastal town just south of Portland

This beach reminded me of what I usually see in movies. It was an attractive beach with a beautiful pier.

I thought  how great it would be  to visit the place on summertime. 

I  imagined myself  walking along the 7 mile beach barefooted. 

The idea of playing at the nearby  boardwalk arcades  and amusement park  was  also appealing and of course indulging on yummy fried beach foods : pizza.fries.burgers.milkshakes. 

I got to enjoy the beach view and felt the cool breeze on my cheeks.

I got to take a sweet hotshot of my sistah and brotha in law while they play sweetie stuff.