old port

Wikipedia states the . . . "The Old Port (sometimes known as the Old Port Exchange) is a district of Portland, Maine, known for its cobblestone streets, 19th century brick buildings and fishing piers. The district is filled with boutiques, restaurants and bars. Because of its reputation for nightlife, the Old Port overflows each weekend with revelers."

When I started walking in Old Port, it made me feel so connected to the history of old America. 

I instantly noticed the cobblestone streets. 

The streets surrounding this area are all restored buildings and cobblestone walkway. 

You can feel and see all the history around you. 

Everything about the place was filled with charisma. 

I would like to say that architecture was its utmost charms of the area. 

If only my big brother was beside me I’m sure he would lecture me about the architecture style of the building. 

I could only say the style was colonial. 

All the establishments were preserved and well respected by modern day Portland. 

What a great place to spend a long weekend or maybe a lifetime.