scraping snow off car

I had a good night’s sleep one time. It was snowing the whole night.  My sistah woke me up so early so we can continue with our designed itinerary. She prepared our breakfast and I noticed the smirk on her face. She said she will bring me to another place I will surely like however, there’s this one thing I needed to do first. Something I haven’t done before - scraping snow off the car.  I didn’t complain for I found it cool to do.

In actuality, I love winter. It’s really beautiful . 
I found the all-white view so striking. 
However, it’s not so appealing when you have to go somewhere and your car is covered with snow.

MY sistah handed me a good brush  to clean off snow. I was so careful to avoid damaging her car’s  paint.
It was kinda hard for it was my first time to do that.

I started at the top by brushing off the roof.
After I’m done with the roof, I focused next on the windows. Eventually, I concentrated on the hood and trunk, 
and lastly I cleaned off the front and rear lights.

My sistah reminded me that I should make sure that 
all glass must be cleaned and cleared. 
The car must really be swept free of snow. 

I did a good job.I could make a living doing it. 


  1. "I could make a living doing it." Be careful of what you wish for.


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