The Fast & the Furious Female

My favorite sistah never drives alone. She always has a companion named tomtom.  They have a very good relationship. They talk a lot. The topic of their conversation is always about safety driving. 

fun,fearless female

My dear sistah tends to push the speed limit while driving. She’s just a little faster than allowed . 

While I was in Maine, I got to know tomtom too. I noticed that oftentimes, tomtom reminded her  to slow down.  I often laughed at their conversation. 

Tomtom always had a say when my sistah  got so fast  like we were late for an event.  My sistah  also gets  furious when other drivers got in her  way. 

I remembered when my sistah asked tomtom  for alternate direction like a short cut. My sistah followed and soon  found out that there was a traffic in that area. The route was shorter but the traffic was heavy. Tomtom got a lot of screaming and cursing from my sistah.

It was so hard to drive during wintertime. There was a time when we were out and learned a snowstorm was coming. My sistah managed to drive us home safely.Even there was zero visibility.

When we went to Portland to see Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, Medy(my sistah’s bff) and tomtom both thought  that my sistah was driving  fast, seemed furious and fearless.  Medy and tomtom asked her  to slow down. My sistah just told them to shut up. 

However, as for me, I think my sistah is a good driver. She is aggressive and not fearless. On the other hand, she has the presence of mind and does not panic in emergency situation. 

She has a good sense of natural physics - 
speed, inertia, control.

I will always feel safe if she's behind the wheel. 
No doubt about it.

By the way  TomTom is a portable GPS car navigation systems.


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