Winter Photography : Maine Architecture

I never thought that winter photography could be very challenging. While doing so, I dealt with all the shiny white stuff. I found it hard to see because of all the glare. 

Candidly, I thought capturing that immaculate and spotless meadow of snow was so appealing. 

Nevertheless the first few photos I took turned out be boring ones. I even had some pictures where the snow looked gray instead of white. And everything else in the picture was blurry and worst . . . dark.

In an instant, I looked for colorful objects. Maine architecture solved my problem. They are colorful. Colors really stands out against the bare, white background. 

I kept on taking a few different exposures.  Eventually I just deleted the files that were obviously over or under exposed.  

Completely  snow-covered landscape and vista can really be so beautiful. 

I managed to compose a small number of shots. I chose subjects which were noticeably colorful. 

It was proven true. If an object was placed in the foreground or center of your shot  which is not white, black or gray is without doubt, will add life to your photo.