Coast to Coast... L.A. to Chicago

The main reason why I went to the US of A was to visit my sister. It has been years since she started living there. She married an American guy and I wasn’t able to attend her wedding. I missed her so much and I wanted to spend quality time with her.

My sistah lives In Maine however, she advised that I first go to the West Coast. She said I should first see the usual places that most Filipinos visit while in the US of A.  So, the plane ticket I got was from Manila to Los Angeles CA.

I enjoyed the magnificent West Coast tours. After a week, I finally headed to the East Coast. I had a lay over in Chicago for 2  hours. It was around 3pm when I got there. Unfortunately, when I reached O’Hare Airport, I learned that my flight going to Portland Maine was cancelled due to snowstorm.

Didn’t have a choice but stay for a night and day in the windy city. It was my first exposure to snow. I didn’t have a thick winter jacket .  All my winter stuff were in Maine.

In an instant, I thought of my good friend , a former office mate in Manila who moved to Chicago IL and had lived there for about 3 years. He was Eugene "Enyong" Enrile.

 I sent a PM thru his FB and IG account and wished he could read them. I just said I’m stucked in Chicago and nowhere to go. Luckily, he was in the city and didn’t report for work due to bad weather condition. 

 He offered his place so I can stay there for a night and we can catch up. 

With my good friend Enyong. The jacket and scarf I was wearing was his.

Enyong dared me to have this  photo for he also had this kind of thing.
Enyong, topless and enjoying his first snowfall.

He drove me around Chicago. He didn't let me spend anything. Not even a penny. He gave me a place to stay, a bed to sleep, fed me, drove me around the city and showed me the great place in the windy city. What more can I ask for? A  good old friend indeed.

The kindest way of helping yourself 
is to find a friend. 
 -Ann Kaiser Stearns