Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Survived Winter in Maine


I really wanted to experience snow.  My sistah was worried because my body was not used to the kind of temperature that winter brings. She literally said that winter in New England was brutally long and totally cold.

I didn't mind at all because when I want something I really go for it.  

Nevertheless, my sweet sistah made some preparations. 
She made sure that I will have all the stuff I need to survive winter in Maine. 

Well, I’m quite sure she enjoyed getting all the stuff for me because she is a shopaholic. LOL.

I got  all the necessities: 
  • Face mask (the Ninja style) to cover my face from the harsh wind
  • A hat to cover my newly shaved head
  • A pair of gloves for my hands
  • A fleece scarf
  • An ear muff 

  • 3 pairs of wool socks 
  • Layering shirts to keep my  body warm too
  • Fleece sweatshirts
  • A Goose Down coat
  • Snuggle Fleece blanket

PLUS the ULTIMATE Maine Winter Survival Kit : 
  • Hands and Toes Warmers
  • Sinus steam herb
  • Carmex Lip Balm 

All the stuff which my sistah provided,helped me a lot in surviving winter in Maine.

How can I not survive winter? I practically got everything I needed and more.I also survived winter because of my sistah's bff Medy. She treated me like a real brotha. "Medy's cooking" definitely filled my tummy and put a smile on my face. She spoiled me to the fullest. She pampered me like a baby. 

I also survived winter in Maine because of my brotha-in-law "Kuya Mike". He was sweet enough to drive me around, cooked lobstah for me and gave me home made beer which he himself did and prepared. The only complain I had was the nosebleed I suffered whenever we talk. (I forgot to bring my webster english dictionary)LOL.

More importantly, 
I survived winter because of my 
beautiful and sexy sistah.

my gorgeous sistah
**NOTE: All the winter survival stuff photos were taken by my sistah.

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