Friday, March 6, 2015

Japol & Enyong Go to White Castle

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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle  is a movie about 2 best friends. Harold Lee and Kumar Patel who were second-generation Americans of Oriental and Asian descent respectively.  Harold was employed as a Stock Analyst, a very clean guy while Kumar was a medical student but a stoner, definitely a regular smoker of marijuana.

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These 2 guys got stoned one evening  and while they were relaxing and watching TV, they saw a White Castle burgers commercial. Eventually, they embarked  on a quest to satisfy their desire for those burgers.

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I watched that movie several times. It never failed to make me laugh every time I watch it. It also made me crave to have a taste of that famous burger.

I took advantage of being in Chicagoland because White Castle Restaurant is available there. 
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While staying late at night with my  good friend Enyong Enrile, I asked him to bring me to the castle so I can finally satisfy my curiosity. It didn't take long to convince him to drive me there. He was actually more than  willing to take me there. 

We didn't do drive thru. We actually parked and went inside so I can also see and experience the ambiance at the castle.

Just like at the movie, I, of course ordered for sliders, french fries, and a large cherry coke. My good friend paid for them.

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NOTE: We were not stoned.But just like Harold & Kumar, we craved for burgers because we got starved for having a long conversation, because we didn't see each other for years. We played catching up talking kind of thing. Just saying. LOL.

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