Las Vegas Strip at Night

The Strip is one of the free things you can do in Las Vegas and I guess no trip to Las Vegas is complete without walking down the strip. 

I am a backpacker and was used to a lot of walking. Queen-C and Nerrie were kind and sweet enough to walk with me down the strip. I was ready with my pair of shoes. It was a loafer, soft and comfy.

I must say that there was nothing at all,  like strolling down the Vegas strip at night. 

You do not even have to spend a single penny, and you can have a superb nighttime of fun.

We explored the malls, casinos, hotel lobbies and lots of shopping attractions.

This is the hang out place to do people watching. Funny, but I noticed the people wearing bright orange and yellow shirts. They gave out cards, chiefly some pictures of nude women and I kept some of those in my wallet. LOL. 

Every step I took, anywhere I looked, I got stunned at the absolute affluence of Vegas!

I would like to say that the strip is a place to wander and wonder. It was mind blowing. It was wild but   fun, crazy but quite amusing, and so much more. 

I noticed and experienced all that 
while walking down the strip. 
Expect the unexpected... only in Vegas.