Saturday, March 7, 2015

Michigan Avenue at the Windy City

Michigan Avenue is the finest street in Chicago. There were different types of architecture.

 Moreover, there’s  a wide selection of shops everywhere you look. Eat, drink, shop, unwind.


 Anything that one can do, can be done here any time of the day.

While my good friend Enyong and I were walking along the avenue and sipping hot coffee, I thought of Garymy big brother and Achutmy big sister. I wished they were with me.

 I was quite sure that my big bro will enjoy the sights of its architecture and my big sistah will enjoy shopping in this area. 

Then we will all dine at a good restaurant & fill our tummies. 

This Chicago downtown is a great place not to be missed.
It is   truly a magnificent mile.

This downtown was really fun to explore.

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