The Road Trip: L.A. to Las Vegas and back

I didn't consider flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas because it's 5x more expensive. Instead of riding the airplane, I opted to do road tripping by bus.

American Lion Transportation provides low-cost bus services in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

I ordered round trip tickets from LA to Las Vegas. I only paid $45.00 for the 2 tickets. They're definitely cheap. 

The ride over to Vegas was good enough. We left downtown LA at 8am. It was a smooth ride. However, the drive took longer than I expected due to traffic. I reached the drop off point at Excalibur Hotel at around 2pm.

Unfortunately, the return ride was not nearly as good. 
The bus did not run on time. It got out of Vegas about 1 hour and 30 minutes late. The scheduled time for pick up from Excalibur Hotel was 2:35pm but we only got on the freeway out of Vegas at 5pm. 

I have a very nice friend (Carmen) in LA who offered to pick me up. Since the bus came late, I texted her to pick me up a little late than an hour so she wont have to wait for long.

I was pissed off because the bus was late. I was very disappointed because there was no wifi as advertised. Moreover, there were no outlets to power up gadgets. 

Nevertheless, the bus reached LA in less than 6 hours. I didn't know how he did it. Maybe he used to be a race car driver. I wasn't able to text or call my friend and tell her that she can already pick me up. My IPhone battery ran dead.   

By the way, the drop off location was a ghetto. Yes, the bus dropped us off at the Skid Row district. It was already dark at night. Only 3 of us were left to wait for our own personal pick up ride. We got so uncomfortable because we saw a few guys talking . . more like screaming with each other. There were also 2 guys who approached us selling coke. Not the soda . . the other coke

After a few minutes, I was the only one left at the skidrow. A black homeless guy approached me asking for a dollar. And I again saw the 2 guys selling coke

When my friend Carmen finally came, she shouted at me and told me to get in the car immediately. She was worried and thankful that nothing bad happened to me. 

It was an exciting night. I wouldn't forget it.

NOTE: All photos were taken from google images.


  1. Hey! It looks like you had an amazing road trip! I want to do the same. Only one question - where did you stay? I want to find a cheap hotel where I can stay in Las Vegas. I found this site which has some good offers there but I am not sure.

    1. @Johnathan Cole

      I was lucky to have a friend who lives in Las Vegas and she offered her home for me to stay for a night.


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