Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Ultimate V Show

Many of the finest shows and attractions can be found in Las Vegas.  That was the reason why the first activity we had was at the theater.  Queen-C and Nerrie brought me to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. 

They talked about the famous show “The Ultimate V Show”.  which plays nightly at the V theater. This is their favorite show. They watched V show several times and they never got bored each time they see it. They wanted to share it with me so I can also experience the fun they had. 

There were numerous people who lined up for the show and when we got the tickets, we entered the theater and found our seats. 

The emcee was Wally Eastwood. He was very funny and a very talented juggler. 

google photo
google photo

Moreover, the performers were outrageously clever and artistic. The theatrical and magic acts were amazing and very fascinating. The daredevil stunts and acrobatics were breathtaking at the same time, spectacular. I also noticed the wonderful music and lighting.

What I enjoyed the most at the V Show was meeting the performers after the act. I got the photo opportunity with the performers and had them signed the souvenir photo I got which was handed to me by my Vegas friends. 

Overall, the Ultimate V Show was funny, entertaining, remarkable and clean. It is good for everyone, young and old. 

Unquestionably, V is a show of 
great value and shouldn't be missed.

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