Little Church of the West

I'm single because it's a choice. I just have this idea of not needing  someone to validate and tell me how amazing I could be.

I’m single for the reason that I have everything I need to be happy and whole with myself.

I’m single and have full  control over my own life and money.  I don't have to explain what I buy or how I spend my time.

Nevertheless, I don’t intend to be single for the rest of my life.

Truthfully, I am just too lazy. I am aware that being in a relationship takes effort. I met and dated some girls however, I seldom call, text, or any of that. It required more time than I wanted to put forth and then I just stop responding.

I am not getting any younger but I know that there’s a girl destined to be my partner for life. Meanwhile, I am working on myself more at the same time actively looking for a girl of my dreams.  That’s why I keep travelling and keep looking.

I am quite confident that soon I will a find a woman who will capture my thoughts and will bring magic into my life, and will make me think and say being with her would be better than being single.

When that time happens, I will choose to marry her in Las Vegas at Little Church of the West


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