Viva Las Vegas

If there’s one place in the United States that everyone should visit at least once,  it should be Las Vegas.

More than a few Hollywood movies I watched were shot in this area. They all spelled f-u-n. 

I wanted to see and experience it. I wanted to see the shining, shimmering and splendid  lights of this marvelous metropolis which caught  the attention of tourists from around the globe. 

Almost everyone said it is full of life.  

It’s the exact reason why I included Las Vegas in my US tour itinerary.

I got some friends (Queen-C and Nerrie) who live there and when they learned that I will be visiting, they took a leave from their busy work schedule to spend a night and day with me. SWEET.

I was told that I will never regret Vegas.  Several  exciting attractions can be found in this place and they made a circuit activity for me.

The kind which promised a good time - all day and all night long. 

Queen-C and Nerrie were very warm and gracious. 
We met , we talked, we dined and had a real good time together. 

NOTE: Watch out for my next blogs which will all be about my Vegas experience.