Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

I had a hearty breakfast prepared and cooked by my good friend Nerrie  right there  in her nice big house in Vegas. My tummy was filled with delight. Soon after, Nerrie drove me down to see the  "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. We stopped at the parking lot in front.

The sign was located along Las Vegas Boulevard in the middle of a traffic median. I expected to wait in line since I knew that it’s a busy stop for tourists but, given that it was still early morning, the queue to take picture was not that long.

It was nice to see the sign up close and personal. There was a girl there who offered to take pictures of Nerrie and me together …  for a tip of course.

A picture with the sign at the background is a must do at Vegas for tourists. This is one of the attractions that you shouldn't miss when going to Las Vegas.

A photo with the fabulous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign at my background was actually included in my bucket list. 

That’s why once I had it, I uploaded the photos and shared my experience on social media.