Willis Tower - Skydeck Chicago

My good friend Enyong knows how adventurous I am so he made sure that I got to see the views of the city  from 103 floors up.

 He brought me  to one of the most famous tourist attractions in Chicago. The observation deck better known as Skydeck. (Notably, it was first named Sears Tower but was later changed to Willis Tower).

I liked the idea of seeing  a good 360° view of Chicago. I didn’t mind waiting in line to get to the top because I knew it's definitely worth it. 

 Once we got through the line, it only took a minute to get all the way to the top.

I got thrilled while stepping on the glass ledge. It was a bit scary at the skydeck knowing that there was nothing under but plastic and glass. 

  I looked straight down to the street below. Pure excitement was what I felt at that time. I had  great views of Lake Michigan and Chicago

This is really a breathtaking tourist spot with photo opportunities high above the city.

Another item checked off my bucket list..!


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