Yard House

My very first meal in Las Vegas was at the Yard House. This was the first place where Nerrie  brought  me to meet up with Queen-C and her hubby Jeff. 

Nerrie said that it was a great place for dining and one of their favorite restaurants in Vegas. I also learned that it was a 
popular location for lunch and dinner. 

We came in on a very busy afternoon. Queen-C and Jeff arrived shortly and we went in line at the resto but were seated almost immediately.

Queen-C and Jeff

It was indeed a very busy restaurant. I found the menu so vast. There were so many food choices on the menu and I couldn’t decide which will satisfy my taste bud. It was so difficult in making a decision on what to order.  However, the waitress was fantastic at making recommendations. She was very helpful, friendly and efficient. 

It took couple of minutes for food to be served. Enough  time to let us talk, do what’s up , how u doin’ kind of thing conversation.  

Finally, when the food  was placed on the table, I knew that I will soon forget my name.

They were extraordinarily fresh, extremely scrumptious. The food tasted amazing, totally delicious !

On the whole , Yard House 
was a great casual meal accompanied 
with  exemplary service.