Thursday, April 30, 2015

Angel's Knoll Park

The steps on the Angel’s Flight leading to the top brought us to the Angel's Knoll Park.

It was positioned right next to the flight. It was a small but still a nice, sweet park. The once famous romantic movie “500 Days of Summer” made one of its benches somehow famous. 

Google Image

It’s a charming place to take time-out on a humid afternoon. It was surprising in itself. It was hidden among tall buildings. Unexpectedly, not a lot of people were there to take pictures of “Tom & Summer's bench” the said movie.

Google Image

Just right below which was an open-air amphitheater with several restaurants. I could say it really was an attractive scenery in a frenzied city. 

I immediately liked this park. There is this charm to it that I cannot describe.  It’s everything you don’t expect from downtown LA.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Angel's Flight Railway

Angels Flight Railway is situated right across the Grand Central Market. 

History reveals that “Angels Flight” is a railway that was built in 1901 by Colonel J.W. Eddy. In 1962, Angels Flight was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument by the Cultural Heritage Board.  Angels flight is the shortest railroad in the world. 

Unfortunately, I was not given the privilege of riding it because it was not operational when I went there.  AlI I did was take photos.  It’s iconic of LA and I still was glad to have visited it.

It was fun seeing the Angel's Flight in person. I got up using the long staircase. It was more like a hike because it was a bit too high going up. Nevertheless, climbing up the steps was worth it. I enjoyed the view, and saw the park alongside. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

L.A. Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market is a huge food court. It's more like finding a food oasis in downtown L.A. 

It’s a metropolitan bazaar mixed with international cuisine. Really lots of different types of food offered in one place. There's always something for everyone for every palate. 

I am always looking for great food. I don’t really care much about the ambiance. I love the idea of eating good local food with no frills . 

This place made me experience the hustle and bustle of the "local Los Angeles peeps" .

I had the Mexican feel when I went there.

Grand Central Market is also a place which serves as an actual market where you can buy your meat and fruit. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Metro Rail in L.A.

One of the exciting things I did in L.A. was to experience its Metro Rail.

The best way to navigate around the city is the train.

Definitely there is no other way considering the traffic in the city. 

Trains are fast. 

Just know where you're going and be aware of any line changes. 

This is a brilliant way to get around the city.

Joey and I went to a Metro Rail station.All it took was $7.00, the price of a whole day on the Metro (plus an extra $1 if you don't have a subway card). Joey gave me a card so I didn’t buy at all.   

One way trip cost $1.75 with a two hour transfer window to change buses and get to your destination. 

Most attractions around the city are grouped, so, the Metro Rail can be compared as a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus only cheaper. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Portland Sea Dogs

Hadlock Field is a Minor League baseball stadium in Portland, Maine. It is primarily home to the Portland Sea Dogs of the Eastern League. 

Google image

The Portland Sea Dogs are a minor league baseball team based in Portland, Maine that currently plays in the Eastern League. 

Google image

I was told that it’s a wonderful place to watch a minor league game of Future Red Sox players 

I learned this piece of information from Kuya Mike, my brotha-in-law who was a Mainah, definitely, a full blooded one.
While we were touring Portland, he found time to head the road going to Hadlock Field. 

According to my brotha-in-law, it is a beautiful small ballpark and any baseball lovers will surely enjoy visiting it.  But, I got the chance to see it in a bad timing kind of way. It was closed and the weather was a little snowy as well.  

SLUGGER :Portland Sea Dog Mascot (from Google Image)

We stopped around the area and I got out of the car when I saw the statue SLUGGER, the Portland Sea Dog.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Run for your Wife

When and what was the last thing that made you laugh-out-loud? 

photo credit goes to Repertory Philippines

My quick answer would be last night, April 24 and it was the play “Run for your Wife” of Repertory Philippines. I can only describe this play in 2 things:  Very entertaining and definitely hilarious. 

It’s about a story of an unusually normal taxi driver John Smith and his dirty little secret. He had 2 wives.   First wife was Mary, who lives in Wimbledon. She’s  a very loving wife and conservative as well. Second wife was Barbara, who lives in Streatham, super sweet and also loving. Problem came into the scene when Smith was assaulted and ended up in a hospital.  His 2 addresses (Streatham and Wimbledon ) surfaced. It led 2 policemen to investigate the physical location  equally.  Smith became desperately entwined in his effort to explain himself to his 2 wives and 2 suspicious police officers. Moreover, Stanley, his sluggish neighbor in Wimbledon played a  very significant role and added twist to this side-splitting play. 

Each actor in this play was on its own. They were so natural and made me laugh in ways that made me cough.  Altogether, the ensemble performed exceptionally well. 

 Their actions and lines were delivered in perfect timing. They were overacting at times but it didn’t really matter because I also overreacted and really laughed out loud. 

The stage physical setting was just right. I loved its simplicity, and homey feel. It was very realistic.  The adjustment of lights and sounds, change of costumes and props were executed properly.

If you’re looking for  a hoot time, go check it out. “Run for Your Wife” runs until May 3 at OnStage, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

My dear cousin Joey goes to Sunday mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

She also is an active member of the church's choir. 

She brought me to The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

It was truly a very beautiful church! I loved the architecture and the simplicity of it all.

We heard mass. I said a little prayer, some wishes and thank the Lord God for all the blessings He has been giving me. 

There was a mini concert after the mass. 

I adored this place because I was able walk around after mass and looked at the little exhibit.  It had a lot of hidden corners filled with arts and relics.

I admired its contemporary architecture.

Additionally, this church encompasses just the right balance linking an architectural masterpiece and a historical landmark.

I can point up the Cathedral of Our lady of the Angels  as inspirational and so serene.