Thursday, April 30, 2015

Angel's Knoll Park

The steps on the Angel’s Flight leading to the top brought us to the Angel's Knoll Park.

It was positioned right next to the flight. It was a small but still a nice, sweet park. The once famous romantic movie “500 Days of Summer” made one of its benches somehow famous. 

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It’s a charming place to take time-out on a humid afternoon. It was surprising in itself. It was hidden among tall buildings. Unexpectedly, not a lot of people were there to take pictures of “Tom & Summer's bench” the said movie.

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Just right below which was an open-air amphitheater with several restaurants. I could say it really was an attractive scenery in a frenzied city. 

I immediately liked this park. There is this charm to it that I cannot describe.  It’s everything you don’t expect from downtown LA.

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