Thursday, April 23, 2015

Griffith Observatory

The first thing I had in mind as part of my visit to LA was to see the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign. This was something I had planned on seeing for years.

My first view of the Hollywood sign was at the Hollywood & Highland Center . However it was late at night and I didn't have a clear view of the sign. I wanted a closer look for real!

One Early morning we (Joey, Alex (Joey’s bf) and I ) went to the Griffith Park Observation deck which was located in Mount Hollywood . 

This place has one of the most spectacular views of Los Angeles. 

It's a perfect spot to witness a panoramic view of LA.  
I say it's actually pretty breathtaking.

People go to Griffith Observatory to learn about the science of space.

This place is dedicated to space and the history of space.
The Observatory is really interesting, you can learn a lot about the planet, the stars and the galaxy. 

There were some public telescopes plus planetarium, a bookstore and a cafe at the Observatory. 

The observatory is a beautiful building set on top of a mountain. 

I was also be see the monument of James Dean on the west side of the Observatory lawn. I got a snapshop of the monument with the iconic Hollywood Sign in the same frame.

James Dean statue

What I liked about the observatory was the location for it gives an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the whole of Hollywood and Los Angeles as far as the eyes can see.

The Griffith Observatory is a must see when traveling to L.A. However, I saw it not very good for taking pictures with the “sign” as background because it was too far and my camera had only kit lens instead of a zoom one.

After weeing the Griffith Observatory, we encountered a few good friends like the mountain lion. 

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