Hollywood Walk of Fame

  I went to Hollywood  to see the stars and walk on the 
walk of fame”.

I would like to call it as “everything in one place”. This is a very busy street. Although, I found the place a bit of a circus. It was packed with tourists.  

I never had a dull moment here. There was always something going on in this place. The hollywood boulevard strip got all sorts of restaurants and bistros. 

There were lots of tourist shops selling  souvenirs of all kinds. Furthermore , it was nice to see the theater nearby where the Oscars ceremony is held

One thing I noticed was that, this area had an abundant of street performers/beggars dressed in costumes, street vendors trying to get you to buy something and some homeless person asking for help  or beggars asking for money. Almost every minute, someone will be asking if you want to take a tour .JUST SAY NO. 

Walking on the walk of fame didn’t take that long to do so. I must admit, I got thrilled from walking in the footsteps of famous stars.

If you're into movies and celebrities or just hollywood in general, without a doubt, this is a must see.

NOTE: My California trip was made possible by  Joey, my favorite cousin in L.A. whom i missed so much.

She was my buddy, my tour guide, my photographer all rolled into one.

***Watch our for more of my California trip.