Lombard: The Iconic Crooked Street

When I was still a kid, I enjoyed reading  “The Guinness Book of World Records”. One featured place I remembered the most was Lombard , which was the most popular street in San Francisco, California. 

Lombard street has become famous because of its crooked and narrow street. 

I got excited when my favorite cousin Joey and I rode the Powell-Hyde cable car and it stopped at the intersection  of Lombard Street and Leavenworth Street.

Another reason why I got so excited was because my favorite sistah "ACHUT" and my big bro "GARY" have been here before and I was so jealous when I saw their pictures.

My big sistah Achut during her Cali trip last 2011.
Joey and Achut were also together in this trip a few years back.

The view from the top of Lombard was absolutely stunning! SF city made the area beautiful by planting attractive flowers and vines throughout the street.

This photo was taken by GARY, my big bro last Nov 2013.

The Victorian houses lined here were gorgeous.  I was quite sure that my big brother “Gary”  had a great time when he went here because of its  striking architecture.  
"ACHUT", my big sistah.

GARY, my big bro enjoying the view.

 While we were walking down the street, I noticed the  straight steps on  both sides of Lombard street and so that made walking down easier. 

We did a kind of leasure walk, did stop and stared around and of course, took  some pictures.

Lombard  was such a beautiful stretch of a road,  I dare say it was legendary . 

It was truly a landmark and a must visit.

I was completely captivated and enamored.

I myself had so much fun walking down the street  with the zig and the zag!


  1. We should go there again, together next time.


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