Portland Sea Dogs

Hadlock Field is a Minor League baseball stadium in Portland, Maine. It is primarily home to the Portland Sea Dogs of the Eastern League. 

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The Portland Sea Dogs are a minor league baseball team based in Portland, Maine that currently plays in the Eastern League. 

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I was told that it’s a wonderful place to watch a minor league game of Future Red Sox players 

I learned this piece of information from Kuya Mike, my brotha-in-law who was a Mainah, definitely, a full blooded one.
While we were touring Portland, he found time to head the road going to Hadlock Field. 

According to my brotha-in-law, it is a beautiful small ballpark and any baseball lovers will surely enjoy visiting it.  But, I got the chance to see it in a bad timing kind of way. It was closed and the weather was a little snowy as well.  

SLUGGER :Portland Sea Dog Mascot (from Google Image)

We stopped around the area and I got out of the car when I saw the statue SLUGGER, the Portland Sea Dog.