Run for your Wife

When and what was the last thing that made you laugh-out-loud? 

photo credit goes to Repertory Philippines

My quick answer would be last night, April 24 and it was the play “Run for your Wife” of Repertory Philippines. I can only describe this play in 2 things:  Very entertaining and definitely hilarious. 

It’s about a story of an unusually normal taxi driver John Smith and his dirty little secret. He had 2 wives.   First wife was Mary, who lives in Wimbledon. She’s  a very loving wife and conservative as well. Second wife was Barbara, who lives in Streatham, super sweet and also loving. Problem came into the scene when Smith was assaulted and ended up in a hospital.  His 2 addresses (Streatham and Wimbledon ) surfaced. It led 2 policemen to investigate the physical location  equally.  Smith became desperately entwined in his effort to explain himself to his 2 wives and 2 suspicious police officers. Moreover, Stanley, his sluggish neighbor in Wimbledon played a  very significant role and added twist to this side-splitting play. 

Each actor in this play was on its own. They were so natural and made me laugh in ways that made me cough.  Altogether, the ensemble performed exceptionally well. 

 Their actions and lines were delivered in perfect timing. They were overacting at times but it didn’t really matter because I also overreacted and really laughed out loud. 

The stage physical setting was just right. I loved its simplicity, and homey feel. It was very realistic.  The adjustment of lights and sounds, change of costumes and props were executed properly.

If you’re looking for  a hoot time, go check it out. “Run for Your Wife” runs until May 3 at OnStage, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.