SF Cable Car

You can't go to SF and not ride a cable car at least once. 
San Francisco is the only city in the world where you can ride manually-operated cable cars. 

Joey (my favorite cousin in L.A.) and I got on at Powell & Market Street by the Gap.  It was the cable car turn-around area. 

The  line was a bit long but I already expected it since it's a tourist attraction. While waiting for our ride, I noticed so many people/entertainers. Some were playing music with drums or guitars, some dancers  and live statues. They were beggars hoping some pennies from tourists.

We didn’t get to sit. We rode the cable car standing up.  We just made sure to hold the handrail with a good grip

This line goes down Taylor Street past Union Square, over Nob Hill and Russion Hill, past Lombard Street and ends at Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square.

The cable car ride was unquestionably fun . The views from top of the hill were  breathtaking. It was only in San Francisco where you can see multiple hills without having to actually walk up to any of them.

My favorite location is the Hyde/Lombard intersection. And that’s where we hop off .