SF Golden Gate Bridge

Truly remarkable was the first thing I thought of, the moment I got sight of the Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve seen Golden Gate Brisge several times in movies and pictures, and after seeing it in person, I totally understood why it was hailed as the pride of San Francisco.

The view from and around the Golden Gate Bridge was indeed breathtaking and the back drop of the sea or the bay made it even more tremendous.  

It was foggy and windy the time Joey (my favorite cousin in L.A.) and I went there but still it had given us astounding views.  

I walked across the bridge and back. I experienced how the bridge vibrated when a heavy vehicle drove by. 

I agree when people said it was a must visit and most sought after tourist spot of the world.

I remembered when my big sistah and big bro were just little kids.  Our dad came home from the US and he showed us his picture with the view of Golden Gate bridge. He even had some postcards and calendars. He said it was really amazing. Us kids, secretly wished we could one day visit it. 

JOEY, my favorite cousin in L.A .

And we all did, only on different occasions. How I wish we could all go back there together. I hope we all can find time in our busy lives.

ACHUT, my big sistah.

GARY, my big bro.