SF Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts was right off the Golden Gate Bridge. 
The palace’s structural design was so amazing. It was absolutely a delightful place to visit. An Excellent part of San Francisco history.  

When I saw the pictures of my big sistah (ACHUT) and my big bro (GARY) with the Palace of Fine Arts as background, I was so jealous. The pictures were so nice. 

When I got there and finally saw it with my own eyes, I was filled with excitement. 

It was a very gorgeous place. I spent time by the ponds and fountain and enjoyed the sight of the swans and ducks. I also enjoyed walking around the columns and beneath the dome.

It was certainly considered a treasure in the city. The architecture was so stunning, simply unbelievable. It was definitely a well kept-up public place, truly a perfect site to go for some peaceful and relaxing moment.

It was an amazing building that we've lost in present society. The scale and grandeur were very outstanding. 

Without a doubt, it was a dazzling place for photography.

Here you get to stop, and enjoy life.