Thursday, April 2, 2015

The American Riviera

Joey, my favorite cousin in L.A. took care of my SoCal itinerary. 

Apparently, Joey  booked a group tour for both of us via Take Tour.

She has actually done this tour several times. Every time a close friend or a relative visits Joey in L.A., she makes it a point to book this kind tour. It's a "must do".  

Joey and I left Los Angeles a bit early. WE were up before the sun rises. 

While on the bus, I got a good view of the awesome Pacific Coast Highway. After a couple of hours, we stopped at Santa Barbara where i laid eyes on the SSS (sun.sea.sand) 

Once the bus parked, I immediately stepped outside and smelled the fresh air and  enjoyed the sunshine. 

Santa Barbara is a popular tourist and resort destination. It was called the American Riviera

It had so many attractions and amenities. 

What I loved the most was the beach. I thought of swimming and lying on the sand but was so impossible to do because we only had a little time to stay there. 

It had so much to offer, from art and entertainment to parks and beaches and also shopping. There were also numerous eating places plus adult beverage establishments and yes...the wineries!

The arts & crafts can be found along the beach. This adds reason why it was absolutely fun to stroll on the beachside.

Someday, I will go back there and maybe purchase an art painting or just a trinket.  

I also would like to take a bike ride along the beach, possibly do some wine tasting or just hang out at the beach and wait for the sun to set.

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