The Metro Rail in L.A.

One of the exciting things I did in L.A. was to experience its Metro Rail.

The best way to navigate around the city is the train.

Definitely there is no other way considering the traffic in the city. 

Trains are fast. 

Just know where you're going and be aware of any line changes. 

This is a brilliant way to get around the city.

Joey and I went to a Metro Rail station.All it took was $7.00, the price of a whole day on the Metro (plus an extra $1 if you don't have a subway card). Joey gave me a card so I didn’t buy at all.   

One way trip cost $1.75 with a two hour transfer window to change buses and get to your destination. 

Most attractions around the city are grouped, so, the Metro Rail can be compared as a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus only cheaper.