In & Out Burger

I learned that In-N-Out Burger Joint  just  recently opened at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. It became an instant hit through social media because a lot peope who immediately went there posted pictures on their FB and  IG accounts. 

When I went to Los Angeles CA, I made sure that I got the taste of this very famous burger. 

So, we went to this In & Out Burger restaurant only to find out that it’s full of customers. And it was already late at night. This eating place lives up to the hype! There were no more space for parking too. We just ordered by means of drive thru . 

When I finally got the chance to munch on it, I declared . . . it was true that the In & Out burger was really scrumptious, the buns was toasted to perfection, not soggy nor oily.  Yet, eating it was a bit messy.

 I hated that a large amount of liquid seeped through the paper wrap.. Yes, it was the sauce. I found it hard to eat without making a mess. 

But it was fun getting messy because it actually tasted so good. 
The fries were also yummy, fresh and crisp. 

In-N-Out , a fast food burger & fries resto, as far as I can tell was based on word of mouth and  no commercials. Now I understood why.