T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieves More

The minute people with the same visions and ideas come together, a team is formed. And since they have comparable interests and attitudes they can work for a common objective.

“Coming together is a beginning. 
Keeping together is progress. 
Working together is success.” 
-Henry Ford

Capital One Philippine Support Services Corp. (COPSSC), is a BPO company in Alabang. FDO (Fraud Disputes Organization) is one of its departments which  plays a very important role in delivering and giving management solutions and services to the group’s diverse clients in the US.

To keep FDO (Fraud Disputes Organization) workers informed of what’s going on within their departments and the company, there’s this employee publication called “The Beacon” which was created. The newsletter's main goal is to help FDO peeps achieve their overall objective in giving good customer service and making the employees love and keep their job by promoting work-life balance. All the featured topics were relevant, informative and interesting. It’s all about the business and other subjects related to the business and the people in the business. 

"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."

The Beacon was born 8 months back. Kyle NiƱonuevo was the person who gave birth to The Beacon. She was then one of the best agents in the fraud detection department and just recently promoted as unit manager in TSC(Transaction Support Center). 

Kyle NiƱonuevo: the mother of The Beacon

The people behind the newsletter share the same common denominator which is the passion for writing. Each member of the group contributes equal talents and achieves his/her best to meet the team targets and accomplish the set goal. The good attitude that the “beaconators” (that’s how they call themselves) show is that they are all serious and totally focused on their responsibilities. Their job is not easy considering that they still have their own jobs to keep. They only manage to write by stealing some minutes from their very busy schedules. They don’t complain because from day one, when it started, they understood and knew what they will go through, they came forward and accepted the challenge. 

Time flew so fast. A lot of things happened. Difficulties and challenges came into the scene. The Beacon grew strong and has created a big impact on a lot of people and the readers want more. 

To keep up with the demands that the writers experience, the need to unwind came as a necessity. The best way to keep them motivated and still continue to perform on their best level is by taking time out to do the much needed relaxation.

“With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.” 
-Tahir Shah

For every organization, a team building activity is extremely important.  It helps in the complete growth of the team members. It will in turn develop and certainly improve the team’s performance.

Last May 23rd, the Beaconators had its team building activity at La Marea Clubhouse where its Managing Editor (Ces Rondina) lives. La Marea is a blooming American country-inspired community located right at the San Pedro,Laguna exit, just a short drive from Alabang. It is set against hillside slopes with a view of the hilltops.

The Managing Editor: Ces Rondina

The Beaconators had a very simple formula for having fun.

  • Find a perfect location

  • eat. no diet mode.

  • drink moderately.

  • swim like a mermaid

  • be childlike and childish and play like there's no tomorrow

  • sing like a diva or a rockstar

  • laughout loud
  • make fun of each other 
  • cherish every moment spent together. 

So simple. No filter. Bonding like no other.