We didn't have much time but we've got the Heart.!

‘Volunteers are not paid – not because 
they are worthless, 
but because they are priceless.’ 

-Sherry Anderson

It was November last year when I first blog about the community service I joined in which was sponsored by Capital One, the company where I work for. 

It was a feeding program called H.A.I.N. The program took place in Alabang Elementary School (AES) in Muntinlupa City.

 Alabang Elementary School has about 500 undernourished pupils and they were being fed on a regular, day-to-day basis.  AES kitchen zone has always been very important. It is more than just where meals are being prepared. It is also the dining area where the kids eat their meals. It should better be safe and clean.

getting ready for the big day.
see? i aint complaining..!
just acquired new skills.

with the boss.

Being said that, the kitchen has gone through years of hardships. Imagine the dilemma of daily food preparations for long years. If the kitchen wares and environment can only talk they will surely cry foul. It’s about time to do the necessary renovation.

getting down and dirty.

having fun.

busy as a bee.

COPPSC (Capital one Philippines Support Services Corporation) together with  IFG Group (Investing For Good) and all the talented people behind the project H.A.I.N. came up with a new project dubbed as  “AES Kitchen Upgrade: Investing for Good Initiative.”

seriously painting.

the second coating.

COPPSC’s IFG Group committed to repair and renovate the AES’s kitchen and feeding area to bring a nontoxic and hygienic atmosphere for their feeding program.

the real artists.

the boss paints.

The program’s schedule started last May 16th  and ends today, the 20th. Maximum of 1 hour was the only requirement however, some spent more than an hour. The first day was intended for general cleaning. I joined yesterday, May 19 and did some cabinet and door painting. 

they didn't know the papparazzi is around. 

It was a fun day for all volunteers. Everyone got busy doing their own thing. Some were in charge of painting the walls, ceilings and window pane. The “real artists” showcased their talent in drawing the “food pyramid” on the wall. Some were in-charge at the food station where the volunteers can get their free meals during breaks. We also had a first aid station, just In case something goes wrong.

on the lookout.

i am thirsty.

grab a bite.

What I like most about volunteering is it allows me to experience dissimilar environments and situations. Oftentimes, it gives me something to think or write about.

the necessary "family pic"

wacky pic.

I would like to speak for all the people I was with. It wasn’t easy doing volunteer work however, we can say it is valuable and very uplifting. It’s true that as volunteers, we don’t receive any monetary compensation , but the experience we gained as a volunteer were worth way more than any money  we could have gotten from any other line of work. What we had was a sense of accomplishment.

we did it..
we definitely did it..!