Bruin Walk in UCLA

The campus of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) is very striking. What's more, it‘s kept up really well consequently makes it such a pleasure to stroll around and just take in the sites.

UCLA is unquestionably one of the best schools I’ve ever been to. I found it a very prominent place. As a matter of fact, I would say that the campus is very spectacular. It feels older to a great extent than it really is with all of the brick buildings.

I remembered the movies “Angels and Demons”  and  “Legally Blonde”.  Some scenes on these 2 movies were shot around the campus. It was fun to see those places and being there in person felt really good.

A lot of tourists in L.A. visit this campus every day. I was lucky to have a friend who studies in the UCLA College of Law.

I joined her in a symposium. I experienced being inside of UCLA classroom and listened to a lecture. 

My friend showed me around. I saw different colleges and buildings, strode along the park and museum. 

I got the chance to do the Bruin Walk. 

The best part of being in UCLA campus was when we stopped at a store where I got a UCLA hoodie