Change As It Is

In the field of business and economy, constant change is very inevitable. Each association needs to act in response to it and become accustomed in order to carry on.

If a major change happens in an organization, the managers create a mental picture for the future and think of the effective ways in leading their teams the best possible way they can. They  also build up attitudes and procedures that embrace change. Moreover, the supervisors are trained to be susceptible to the ways in which change affects the employees. 

While some people may be excited for the changes, there are also others who become worrisome. Apparently, a lot of us are afraid of change because we are unsure of what is about to happen. We do not know if the outcome will be good or bad. Or maybe, we just don't want to go out of our comfort zone.

The truth is, changing environment can be extremely stressful and that will lead people to burn out. There are ways to accept it and help our colleagues to do the same. Everything in this world is momentary. The only permanent thing is change. Often the problem is not change itself but the uncertainty that change creates.

  • Let's be positive.
  • Let's believe in ourselves and in what we can do
  • Let's be excited for the surprises that change may bring
  • Let's grow up

With that, learning will definitely takes place. We will discover a new person in "us". And that person can become a better individual. for after all, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.