HUTONG: Where Real Beijing People Belong

Hutong in a common term is a neighborhood with narrow streets and alleyway. People say that the real culture of Beijing is the culture of the Hutong and Courtyards.

My big brother and I visited Hutong by renting a rickshaw. 

I noticed that most houses I saw were gray colored tiled houses and alleys intersecting with one another. 

They all looked the same to me. They had Identical designs which made me hard to distinquish one from the other. 

I felt like I was a mouse trapped inside a maze and definitely, it will be hard for me to get out of it. I will surely get lost in the process.

The community in Hutong was so small. The lanes are adjacent and the houses were all interconnected. 

GARY, my big bro

We went from one alley to the next and I noticed group of old Chinese people talking to each other, more like gossiping.   

Hutong gave me a walk in the past life of ancient Beijing people. I noticed the public bathrooms and toilets along the twisted lanes. 

There were countless distinctive and well decorated shops which sell different kinds of goods.  

We went inside a tea house and witness how teas are being prepared for social drinking. Then we sipped it like a real Beijing locals.

with Gary, my big brother