HIntayan ng Langit. A Review

I have been watching Virgin Labfest  for 4 consecutive years now.  It is only this time that I made a blog about a particular play which obviously I enjoyed watching to the max - Hintayan ng Langit



Google Image (credit goes to the photographer)

It is a story of 2 thought-provoking people, Manalo (Nonoy Froilan) and Lisang (Edna Vida) who used to be in a relationship however, hurt each other in the past. They each had separate lives and found love in other people’s company. They tried moving on but unable to because the wound was so deep and they both wanted to understand why things didn’t happen the way they planned them to be.

The 2 lovers didn’t have the luxury of time to be together while they were still alive. They were caught in a web of love, betrayal, jealousy, pride and arrogance.

Lisang died early on. For the span of two years she has been in a limbo, a steaming sauna(purgatory) and patiently waiting for her time to move on to another place called heaven. It was eventually revealed that she was just waiting for something else, or someone else for that matter. When Manalo’s time on earth was up, he joined Lisang in that steaming, nevertheless fairly relaxed waiting room.
They finally faced each other to resolve the unfinished business they both started.

I would like to describe “Hintayan ng Langit” as a kind of play which is clever, up-front and hilarious at the same time. What I liked most about the play was its main casts. They were able to provide the audience a brilliant and engaging performance.

Edna Vida was consistent in her role as an egotistical yet caring and loving person. She was most of the times funny in her own natural way. Nonoy, on the other hand was mischievous and showed an effective way of teasing a woman using his charm.

They both have natural talent for performing and entertaining. All throughout the show, I was carefully watching them. Nevertheless, I noticed how the people at the theater were moved and mesmerized. 

As part of the audience, I can say that we adored their poise and confidence during their act which created a connection with us.

I left the show with smile on my face and a satisfied feeling that made me realized how lucky I was being part of that momentous event. 

There were only 3 things that I can say about the 2 actors:
  1. They brought believable characters to life successfully.
  2. They conveyed their emotions effectively.
  3. They were both so convincing in their respective roles which held the audience captive.

Congratulations to Nonoy and Edna. I will be looking forward to their shows and hope that I could get free complimentary ticket next time.

Kudos also to Ronna Sabellina who played as caretaker of the sauna errr, the waiting room.

It was a job well done for Juan Miguel Severo (playwrght) and Raffy Tejada (director).


NOTE: Virgin Labfest will run until July 12 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater). 
Tickets are priced at P300